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For different reasons, many people do not have a Will. Others have one already and periodically make revisions to reflect changes in family situations, such as the birth of a child or grandchild.

Whatever your circumstances, we can advise you and prepare the documents for you.

Duncan Turner Associates are based in Nottingham and serve the city and surrounding areas such as Newark and Lincoln. We are specialists in Will Writing and can give advice on many different family situations.

If appropriate we can add protective Property Trust clauses in your Will, which will ensure your assets, such as your home, will pass to the beneficiaries of your choice and not left to chance as would be in Basic or Mirror Will.

If for some reason, such as dementia or short-term illness, you cannot make your own financial or health and welfare decisions, you need to appoint trusted people to make those decisions for you. This is done by making a set of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Our trained consultants have years of experience and adopt a friendly consultative approach to ensure your needs are met. We offer home visits for your convenience and other family members could be present if you want them to be.

Online Skype consultations can be arranged in light of Covid-19 restrictions.

Contact us today on 0330 311 0910 to make an appointment.

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We offer advice and can prepare the following documents for you:

Will Writing in Nottingham - Duncan Turner Associates
Property Trust Wills

By making a Will you can appoint executors, guardians of your children and make specific gifts. You can ensure your estate passes to your chosen beneficiaries by adding Protective Trust clauses in your Will…

Make a Lasting Power of Attorney Finance with Duncan Turner Associates
LPA Financial Decisions

If for some reason you cannot manage your own financial affairs through incapacity (eg. stroke, dementia or even short term illness) you need to appoint a trusted person(s) to manange your affairs for you. Other people cannot help you without an LPA…

Make a Lasting Power of Attorney Health with Duncan Turner Associates
LPA Health and Welfare

Without a valid Health & Welfare LPA, your family would need to apply to the court (a costly process) to help you make welfare decisions for you. This would include discussing sustaining life options with doctors…